A Couple of Recent Success Stories

Papi "Papi was found in Chicago-turned over to us at Grundy County Humane Society - he had a broken let - we fixed him up and by chance his alert was emailed to a board member - They were reunited on 7/31/2008"

--Bobbi. (Grundy County Humane Society)
Mona "I wanted to say thank you. My baby was brought home."

--Melissa G. (reunited with Mona, May 2008)
Boomer "I got a call from a person who works at the Dallas Animal Shelter. That person called me directly. She looked at the flyer you sent to all the shelters and vets in the area and noticed a similiarity between the picture and a dog at the shelter. Fortunately, that dog was Boomer! He is home because of you! Thanks again."

--Sara M. (reunited with Boomer, December 2007)
"My four month old bulldog Vince escaped from my yard by digging under the fence (he’s still in the digging phase). I heard about haveyouseenthispet.com from a friend of mine who works at a local animal shelter. Two days after posting Vince, I got a call from a lady who lives a couple of streets over who had him. He’s back home now. Thanks!"

-- Richard K.

"I used the $25 Petsmart Giftcard for toys & treats for my three cats."

-- Stacey W. (Vince’s finder)


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