How it Works—It’s simple:

We reward ANYONE who finds & returns a pet listed in our Lost Ads with their choice of the following:

  • $25 Petsmart gift card
  • $25 Walmart gift card
  • $25 Petco gift card

Rewards are issued by (not the pet owner). 

There are no gimmicks/side offers/hidden fees involved. 

Found Pet Ads are completely free. Lost Pet Ads have a fee. 

A portion of all profits is donated directly to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (

Our service has one simple goal: to help reunite you & your pet as fast as possible.

The Facts:
  • An estimated 200 million Americans have access to the internet.
  • That is 200 million people who may have seen your lost pet!
  • Imagine being able to communicate with that many people about your lost makes it happen!

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