Question #1:  Ad Costs

Question #2:  Shelters Welcome

Question #3:  Shelter Notification Details

Question #4:  Multiple Postings

Question #5:  Ad Modifications

Question #6:  Photo file format

Question #7:  Ad Removal

Question #8:  Receiving Reward

Question #9:  Gift Card Stores

Question #10:  Retroactive Reward

Question #11:  Success Stories

Question #1:

Q:  How much do ads cost?
A:  Lost Ads have a fee.  Found Ads are free to post.  Occasionally promotions are offered. 
     To view Ad Details click here:

Question #2:

Q:  I work for a shelter/rescue.  Can I use this service?
A:  Absolutely, all shelters and pet rescue organizations are welcome.  Feel free to post multiple pets.

Question #3:

Q:  How are shelters notified?
A:  After your lost pet ad is placed, we email your pet's profile to our database of shelters in your area.  We have no control over any of the shelters and cannot guarantee any action on their behalf.  Our service simply sends them an alert email with the pet's profile--what the shelter does with the info is completely up to them.

Question #4:

Q:  I need to post more than one animal - Can I post multiple animals? Do I need to register every animal I post?
A:  Multiple postings are welcomed.  You only register with the site once.  To post multiple animals, log in to your account and click 'Ad New Listing'.

Question #5:

Q:  Can I change my Ad once it is posted?
A:  To make changes to your ad (including changes to picture), simply log into your account and change the information that needs to be modified.

Question #6:

Q:  My picture is not in a .jpg or .gif format - what can I do?
A:  It is very easy to convert your file.  Simply open the file using the 'Paint' program found on nearly all computers.  Once the picture is open, click 'Save As', change the file extension to '.jpg', and click save.

Question #7:

Q:  My pet has made it home.  How do I cancel my ad?
A:  Send us an email at letting us know your pet is home safe & we will delete your ad.

Question #8:

Q:  I found a pet with a posted Lost Ad & returned the pet to the owner.  How do I receive my reward?
A:  Simply send an email to  Be sure to include the following info: 
  • Lost Pet Ad#

  • Which type of reward you would like

  • Electronic gift card or a mailed gift card.

Question #9:

Q:  Why are rewards for Petsmart, Walmart, & Petco only?  Are you associated with these companies?
A:  We are not associated with these stores in any way.  We simply chose them for their nationwide appeal & the fact that they sell pet related products.  Gift cards to other stores are not currently available as rewards.

Question #10:

Q:  I posted a Found Ad for a pet and returned the pet to the owner before a Lost Ad was posted.  Am I still eligible for a reward?
A:  Maybe.  You will receive a reward for any pet that has a Lost Ad posted (it does not matter when the Lost Ad is posted)—if the Lost Ad is posted after a pet is returned, the finder IS eligible for a reward.

Question #11:

Q:  My pet is home safe thanks to your service.  How can I thank you?
A:  We love hearing stories of pet reunions.  You can send us your story at  We may even post your story on the site.

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